Quarantine diary – Saturday edition,

Bartered some of my precious stock of toilet paper for 5 pounds of rice yesterday.

This morning I am going to organize the kitchen cabinets and plan meals for the next two weeks. My employer was making noises Friday that they anticipate a shelter in place order for Indiana sooner rather than later.

Schools are now closed until Star Wars Day. Elearning will only be Tuesday- Thursday so I need to design a schedule for the children on Monday and Friday. My plan is to involve them in the process.

But for now, my coffee is consumed, and my kitchen cabinets are calling my name.

Dear diary,

Still going to the office every day. 

I’ve reached a state of fatalism where I accept that we’re going to catch it, it’s just a matter of when. Max, Mike, and I all three are leaving the house every day for work. Mike works in a factory of 200+ people. Max works in a warehouse. I work in an office but our field employees work all over the state and have to come back to the shop for supplies. It’s coming. All I can do is try to prepare as much as possible.

Day I don’t know, they’ve all run together,

Mike and I are still going to work every day. Precautions are being made by our employers but it’s only a matter of time. The children are on spring break this week and are becoming more feral than normal. They’ve been in pajamas for days.

I am very lucky to have Alex here to watch the girls, and I know this. I’m very lucky to still have a job and still be getting paid. But I confess I’m so envious of people who are home right now. My job could absolutely be done from home but the bosses have indicated that they will not close unless the state mandates it. So I keep dragging myself to work.