Sparking Joy

As part of my attempt to Spark Joy in my life in 2019, I’m starting a new blog. I might bring back my old posts for posterity’s sake, although frankly a lot of them don’t spark joy and should probably remain buried as binary. I guess that answered that question, didn’t it.

Anyway. Where to begin? And this is where my ADHD brain kicks in with a rousing refrain of “Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start”… but I think my brain is wrong. Might be better off starting with my goals for 2019. I’ve got a few.

2019 Goals


  • Continue losing weight – get down to Normal BMI
  • Exercise in some form 75% of the days in 2019
  • Improve on fitness test results



  • Konmari entire house by end of 2019
  • Hang more pictures


  • log exercise and food daily
  • use the stickers I’ve got instead of buying more


I think those are pretty good goals. They’re realistic, they’re measurable, and they’re in line with what I want to do this year.